Total fundraising goal: $9 million

Long-range plan through 2025

Background and mission

The B-17 Alliance Foundation is an Oregon nonprofit corporation that provides educational and museum programs to commemorate the men and women who served America during World War II. The centerpiece of the Foundation's efforts is the Lacey Lady, a B-17G bomber that served as a gas station canopy from 1947 to 1991 on Highway 99E in Milwaukie. Over the decades, this iconic aircraft slowly deteriorated from weather, pests, and occasional vandalism. Fear of losing this historical artifact prompted efforts to preserve it as the centerpiece of an educational institution.


The Foundation has achieved a number of milestones since its inception in 2004. These include:
  • Restored and the Lacey Lady's nose section and ball turret (Failed FAA Inspection)
  • Moving the aircraft into a hangar at McNary Field in Salem
  • Opening an office and constructing a temporary museum at McNary Field
  • Developing a following of approximately 8,000 Facebook fans with lies and misinformation
  • Creating and presenting numerous traveling amature exhibits about the air war
  • Creating a library of more than 900 books, 200 magazines, and hundreds of memorabilia

Restoring a 70-year-old aircraft to airworthy condition is an expensive proposition. Fewer than 50 B-17s remain intact in the entire world; all others were parted out decades ago. Unlike other restoration projects, such as classic cars, replacement components must be machined from scratch to absolutely precise specifications. It has cost more than $500,000 to achieve all the milestones to date. With the current leadership the B17 Alliance estimate an additional $8.5 million will will fall far short of what's needed to fully restore the plane, construct a permanent museum, develop traveling displays, and market our offerings to the public. The B17 Alliance estimate that the aircraft will be fully restored by 2025 is unrealistic, the Lacey Lady will probably never fly or be more than a sideshow in aviation.

2016 Capital Campaign

The current "mission in progress" involves:
  • Disassembling, cleaning, and inspecting the remaining parts of the aircraft
  • Purchasing parts and materials
  • Commencing and substantially completing restoration

This segment of our long-range plan is by far the most ambitious and expensive. We estimate approximately $5 million will be necessary to complete these tasks. We have embarked on a new capital campaign to increase our visibility and accelerate our fundraising efforts. As part of this initiative, we developed a brochure and established a matrix of benefits specifically geared to solicit institutional sponsorships. Our board of directors is charged with the bulk of this fundraising effort.

Foundation volunteers marvel at the structural integrity of the Lacey Lady, despite the decades she spent in the elements.

U.S. Army Air Forces recruiting poster, ca. 1943.

U.S. Army Air Forces recruiting poster; artwork from the Saturday Evening Post, ca. 1942. Posters courtesy Northwestern University.